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How do I know which wineries to visit during the tour?

Our experienced wine tour planners have curated a list of exceptional wineries in the Charlotte and Asheville regions. Based on your preferences, we will suggest a selection of wineries renowned for their quality wines and picturesque settings.

Are the wine tastings included in your packages?

While our packages do cover transportation and can include some winery fees, please note that tasting fees and tour costs may vary depending on the wineries you choose. No tasting fees are included in our Classic Package. Our team will provide you with transparent information and assist you in planning accordingly.

I don’t see rates listed. Where can I find more info on your services and rates?

We provide custom quotes based on your needs as not all tours are alike. Our quotes are based on your individual needs,  timeline and vehicle choice. You can get a quote on the Quote page or email us at events@peaklimo.com. We include gratuity and all fees in our quotes so that you aren’t left wondering about extras. Everything is taken care of prior to your tour so that on the day of, you can enjoy being chauffeured around. There’s no payment data to share, no paperwork to sign, just get in and go!

Can I bring my own beverages/wine in the vchicle?

For your comfort and convenience, we provide complimentary bottled water during the tour. You are free to bring your wine with you!

How many people can you accommodate?

Our wine tours cater to a range of group sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger parties. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape or a celebration with friends, we can accommodate your needs.

How much time should I allocate at each vineyard?

We recommend that you give yourself at least 1-1.5 hours at each vineyard, depending on the size of your group. Keep in mind that you will need travel time between vineyards when booking your reservations.

 Can I customize the tour itinerary to suit my preferences?

Absolutely! We understand that each wine enthusiast has unique tastes. Our team is delighted to work with you to create a customized itinerary that aligns with your wine preferences and interests. (We do not have pre-fix plans, all of our tours are custom built)

Can you assist me in creating a tour for a special occasion?

Yes and, in fact, creating tours for special occasions is our favorite thing to do. From birthdays to retirement, bridaly parties to girls’ weekends, bridal parties to engagements, we’ve done it all!  We have provided items like balloons, flowers, specialty items and are happy to assist with making your event one to remember.

I noticed that you mention you can plan tours in other locations. How does that work?

We are able to book tours for you in locations outside of NC via our affiliate partners. We’ve spent 18 years nurturing our partnerships around the globe and have traveled to many of the locations ourselves. We can assist you in Napa, Sonoma, Fredericksburg (TX), Italy, France and many other locations. Not only can we arrange your tour, we are a full service transportation service and can also provide ground transportation to/from the airport to your destination. Need a travel agent? We can help with that too.

Is your company fully licensed and insured? 

Yes, all licenses and vehicle insurance are active. We have a rigorous hiring, background checks and training processes and are licensed not only in the state of NC but in Mecklenburg and Buncombe counties.