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Marked Tree Vineyard

“The Spirit of Marked Tree is about finding your path.

Early in American history settlers noticed oddly shaped, bent trees in the landscape. These odd shaped trees were formed and created by Native Americans to be guideposts through the wilderness, a guide to water, a guide to food, a guide to hunting – a navigation system.

In 2015 we were in search of our own path, a Marked Tree. We wanted a place where all our family’s different paths could cross and converge. Our passion for farming , meeting new people, creating new experiences and of course WINE led us here.

We hope you enjoy time at Marked Tree Vineyard. Whether you are choosing a new path, enjoying your current path or looking for a new exciting one- enjoy the next marker of your life with a great bottle of Marked Tree wine. Cheers!”

Wines Include:

  • Cab Franc

  • Petit Verdot

  • Grüner Veltliner

  • Chardonel

  • Vidal Blanc

  • Blends:

    • Watershed

    • Ghost House

    • OTTO

    • Chloe Rosé

    • Sweet Ellie Mae Rosé

Vineyard Hours:

Asheville tasting room open Monday 2-8pm, Tuesday/Wednesday Closed, Thursday 2-8pm, Friday-Saturday 1-9pm, Sunday 1-7pm

Marked Tree Vineyard
Marked Tree Vineyard